2023 Robot

CAD and Code


● 26” x 32” frame perimeter for narrow footprint on charge station

● KOP chassis frame

● Two-piece C bumpers with reversible covers

● Acrylic belly pan with ventilation slots

● Acrylic top cover to protect electronics

● Padded resting supports for intake arm

● Reinforced and higher support brackets for intake arm

● 6” high grip wheels (middle) and smooth grip wheels (corners)

● In-match Robot weight: ~80.0 lbs

● Bumper weight: ~13.5 lbs


● West Coast drive train

● 4 NEO V1.1 brushless motors on drive train

● Modified Everybot intake (narrowed to cube width)

● 2 NEO V1.1 brushless tilt motors on intake with 90° gearboxes (35:1 ratio each) (new after SFR)

● 1 NEO V1 brushless spin motor on intake (3:1 ratio)


● Standard power, CAN bus, and Ethernet wiring with cable clips for connection security

● REV power distribution hub

● CTRE Voltage regulator module

● NI roboRIO 2.0 (1.0 as backup)

● REV radio power module

● AndyMark Radio

● CTRE Pigeon 2.0

● 7 Spark MAX motor controllers


● JAVA programming

● Dashboard running off of Shuffleboard interface


● Modular selector to customize auton scoring

● Auton start: shoot, spit, shoot down, spit down

● Auton body: long backwards, short backwards, pickup cone, center over backward, center backward

● Auton end: turn around, none


● Speed: ~16.6 ft/s

● Agile robot movement with quick turning

● Pick up cubes and cones from the ground

● Cone scoring in hybrid nodes

● Cube scoring in all nodes (shooting to mid or high nodes)

End Game

● Dock and engage the charge station

● Auto-balancing program


● Act as a shuttle robot to bring cubes (preferred) and cones back to the Community

● Score on mid or high nodes with cubes to increase point value

● Score on hybrid nodes with cubes (preferred) or cones to complete links and to support alliance partners

● Balance on charge station

● Tilt charge station for alliance partners

Dustbin in Action!